Satellite Imagery Services

Archer Geographic provides expertise in the application of satellite and aerial remote sensing and related geospatial technologies for a diverse client base. We offer a comprehensive capability, making Archer Geographic a one-stop shop for imagery and derived information and industry solutions.

Our remote sensing services start with image search and acquisition. We work with every commercial and public source of satellite imagery to provide client-driven imagery solutions. We can search thousands of image data records for a site or location of interest across the entire array of image data sources to find the optimal imagery for the project, based entirely on the needs and budget of the project. If suitable imagery for a project does not exist, we can task a satellite or contract one of our partner aerial data providers to acquire the necessary imagery.

We offer comprehensive image processing and enhancement services on all remotely sensed imagery, including satellite imagery and aerial photography. Our analysts are expert in the digital image processing of panchromatic, color, color infrared, and multispectral data, as well as emerging hyperspectral, radar, and thermal imagery. Proprietary image enhancement techniques have been developed for many specific applications.

Archer Geographic analysts are skilled and experienced in image interpretation, along with digital analysis techniques including image classfication and change detection. Additionally, site monitoring service packages from Archer Geographic make monitoring sites of interest by satellite very cost effective, and are tailored to specific client needs.

Mapping and GIS Services

Archer Geographic also offers expertise and support in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Aerial or satellite imagery is often a critical data source for GIS, which is where our GIS support services are primarily focused. In addition to base mapping, remotely sensed imagery can be used to extract features of interest into separate layers in a GIS. Feature extraction from imagery has included land use, transportation corridors and networks, building/facility footprints or other infrastructure, vegetation, crop, or forest types, and water bodies/hydrological features.

Such map layers can be combined with other geographic information within a GIS, such as property boundaries, statistics, demographic information, ground observations, and corporate data. Once image data and other data has been input into a GIS, many analyses can be performed ranging from simple measurements of distances and areas to very sophisicated modeling and visualizations.

Litigation Support Services

We offer a complete range of litigation support services to our legal clients through our Satellite Image Evidence (SIE) Group. In cases where only an effective visual aid is needed for a courtroom presentation, we provide a court-ready satellite image graphic or map tailored to your case. Otherwise we start with a comprehensive search of all sources of image evidence relevant to a case resulting in an SIE Discovery Report, which details all potential evidence for a site or case and recommendations for further action.

Once potential image evidence has been identified and acquired, we offer a complete capability to handle and prepare the raw image data as effective evidence in court. Strict handling and documentation protocols have been put into place to ensure image evidence credibility and admissibility. SIE Group analysts are experts in image processing for the courtroom, including geometric corrections for accurate measurements and spectral enhancements to highlight certain image features important to a case.

The SIE Group's expertise in interpreting and analyzing imagery within the context of the case provides our clients the ability to fully exploit image based evidence for maximum impact to help win the case. Our expertise starts photo interpretation, and builds out to automated change detection, creating convincing "before" and "after" comparisons, performing feature extraction, identifying spectral signatures, and making highly accurate measurements.

Our graphics team seeks to maximize the impact of image evidence through the preparation of outstanding exhibits and visualizations for the courtroom and other presentations. Finally, we support the use of image evidence through providing comprehesive expert witness services, including in-house experts and a network of independent professionals spanning many disciplines.

Geographics and Visualizations

Archer Geographic's graphics team supports our clients and projects through the creation of high impact graphics, images, and maps with a full range of options for digital and professional hardcopy output. Our graphic designers are experts in Photoshop and combining satellite and aerial imagery with other geographic data, such as parcel boundaries and information, demographic and census statistics, environmental data, political districts, zoning boundaries, and sales and other corporate data.

Our graphics team has supported a diverse array of applications, providing graphics for museum exhibits, corporate reports and presentations, media outlets, marketing materials, tradeshoes, websites, golf courses/PGA events, travel guides, and special events. Many clients have found that the addition of satellite imagery into various graphics adds realism, context, and visual impact for maximum effect.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to client organizations to help evaluate different geospatial technologies and develop long term strategies with respect to these technologies to effectively solve business problems and gain efficiencies within the organization. Our aim is to make sure satellite imagery, GIS, and associated geographic data and technology help further the broader goals of the organization, save time and money, and maximize efficiency.