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Imagery products optimized
for marine and navigation

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Navisat™: Satellite Imagery and Maps With Impact.

Archer Geographic has been at the forefront of bringing satellite imagery into traditional mapping and charting applications through its Navisat™ line of products.

In 1998, Archer Geographic pioneered the concept of combining digitally enhanced satellite imagery with traditional maps and charts, resulting in the publication of our popular line of Navisat Maps and Charts - the first "photographic" maps and charts.

The Navisat™ brand has since grown into leading edge digital content for electronic GPS plotters and mobile device apps. The Navisat™ tradename has come to represent the best satellite imagery, photo-maps and graphics on the market. Navisat products are especially favored in marine and navigational applications with unrivaled spectral detail and proprietary color enhancements designed to maximize water and shoreline detail.

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  • Imagery Products

    Our Navisat™ products include color enhanced satellite and aerial imagery, thermal and derived surface temperature maps, topography and bathymetry visualizations, and thematic maps.

  • Maps and Charts

    We produce photographic maps and charts for print and digital applications using proprietary techniques we have developed for maximizing detail, interpretibility and visual impact.