• Marine Surveys

    Archer Geographic's marine services unit conducts remote coastal and marine surveys, including the mapping and monitoring of port facilities, channels, bottom types, reefs and wetlands.

  • Natural Resources

    We survey and monitor forest areas, prairie and range lands, wetlands, inland waterways and coastal areas, and serve diverse agricultural and environmental markets.

  • Municipal Government

    Satellite and aerial imagery provides accurate base map layers for local and county governments, and also offers great utility for detailed feature extraction to provide layer maps for GIS.

  • Litigation Support

    Our Satellite Image Evidence Group serves attorneys in utilizing satellite imagery as demonstrative and scientific evidence in trial.

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  • Archaeology

    Archer Geographic offers cost effective mapping solutions to the archaeological community using established and emerging geotechnologies.

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  • Navigation

    The Navisat brand represents the best satellite image products on the market for GPS and navigation applications.

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