Accurate, cost-effective
site mapping, site monitoring,
and new site discovery.

Geospatial Solutions In Archaeology

Archer Geographic is a leading-edge provider of geospatial services to the global archaeology community. We maintain core capabilities in applied remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and cartography including:

  • Satellite and Radar Imagery: Image acquisition and processing, feature extraction, and
    base image mapping
  • Aerial and LiDAR Imagery: Archival research, mission planning, and digitization
  • Digital Elevation Models: Terrain modeling and geomorphological analysis
  • GIS Services: Custom vector generation, data conversion, and predictive modeling

The synoptic view provided by satellite imagery has become increasingly important in visualizing the entire landscape around a site and placing visible features in context. Perhaps more significantly, the use of the full electromagnetic spectrum in arcahaeological site investigations has led to many new discoveries. This technology can help direct and supplement field work, leading to considerable gains in efficiency and cost savings.

At Archer Geographic, our mission is to offer time saving and cost effective mapping solutions to the archaeological and cultural resource management communities using established and emerging geotechnologies. Contact us to discuss how our specialists can assist you in your project or research.